With so many styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick which one will be best for your student! To help you out, we've made a list of the styles we teach here at Masterworks. If you still can't decide or would like some more information on our classes, styles, or teams, feel free to contact us and we'd be delighted to help you out!

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acro student in back bridge with leg extended

Acro (ages 4+)

The focus of this class is to teach students acrobatics and how these skills can be incorporated in dance. Acro is a physically demanding activity, therefore, Acro dancers must be in excellent physical condition. This is a great class on its own or in addition to other classes to round out a dancer's skill set.

ballet dancer in tutu on pointe

Ballet (ages 4+)

Ballet provides the foundation for most other forms of dance. It emphasizes alignment, balance, flexibility, and control, enhancing the dancer's ability for self-expression. Young students begin with Pre-Ballet, and advanced dancers can take their studies to the next level with Pointe work and Variations.

two children in yellow dresses pointing at toes

Creative movement (ages 3-4)

In Creative Movement, students learn spatial and body awareness, motor skills, and so much more. Through the use of imagination and creativity, students develop musicality, proper posture, and are introduced to the technique and structure of dance.

young boy looking happy in hip hop

Funky Boys & Girls (ages 5-9)

A time to let out all of their energy and learn cool moves! These are the perfect classes to get your student ready for Kid's Hip Hop. Students learn the basics of hip hop, and have a ton of fun doing it. Always sure to be a showstopper!

cool hip hop dancer on toes

Hip Hop (ages 7+)

Hip Hop is an energetic and upbeat class that explores a variety of groove related styles and experiments with freestyling. It encourages each dancer's unique sense of movement, and focuses on rhythm and beat. Ranging from hard hitting moves to smooth grooves, hip hop covers it all. If you can’t stop yourself from moving when the beat drops then hip hop is the style for you!

flexible jazz dancer with high leg kick

Jazz (ages 9+)

This athletic and high energy form of dance emphasizes form and expression. Students may explore everything from the more traditional genre-defining steps to the fluid movements of lyrical jazz. Younger students can get a taste of this style in our Mix'n'Match classes.

cute ballet dancer holding pink flowers

mix'n'match (ages 5-8)

This is the class for the young student who wants to try a little bit of everything! Each class is divided into sections, with the focus being on a new dance style every couple of months. Frequent styles include Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Apparatus. This is a great way to find out what dance style your student loves most.

young modern dancer balancing on one leg

Modern (ages 9+)

In this style, dancers focus on strong technique, natural movement, and emotional expression. These classes promote muscle tone, coordination, body awareness, and inner creativity. 

girl singing

Musical theatre (ages 7+)

The perfect class for any aspiring performer, Musical Theatre will focus on combining choreography, acting, and singing! Classes will cover fundamentals of all three disciplines. All Musical Theatre students perform in the annual musical at the end of April.

two young girls hugging in ballet outfits

musique moves (ages 0-2)

This is a parent and child bonding class. Together you will explore musical play, singing, rhythm, fun, and community, all of which stimulate the development of the whole child. Run in short 8 week sessions, this class is a great way to you and your child moving together!

young rhythmic gymnastics girl with hoop

Rhythmic Gymnastics (ages 7+)

Dancers combine dance technique and basic tumbling skills with various hand apparatus including ribbons, balls, scarves, hoops, and ropes. The emphasis is on coordination, flexibility, and grace. Younger dancers interested in this style can try it out in our Mix'n'Match classes!

young tap dancer posing

Tap (ages 9+)

This class is great for coordination, fun, and fitness. Your student will enjoy learning rhythmical footwork, creative choreography, and how to be a team player in this upbeat class! Younger students interested in trying out this style can check out Mix'n'Match classes or our Hip Hop and Tap class.



At Masterworks, we want to live out our calling to develop performers who can be a positive influence on our communities.

Our various Teams give dedicated students additional opportunities to perform, sharpen their skills, and dive deeper into their calling while glorifying God.

All Teams are by Audition and/or Invitation Only.

kneeling modern dancers in red and blue

linking team
Ages 11+
Level 2+

This team is for younger, focused dancers that enjoy ministry through performance.
The team will learn choreography throughout the year to be shared in outreach, our three in-house shows, and potentially MB Dance Festival Competition.
This is a great program for those who are passionately thankful about their gift of dance, and thrive in places where they can share their gifting.

Students must be enrolled in Level 2 or higher in ages 9-12 or ages 13+, and must be taking Jazz, Modern, and two Ballet classes. Registration by invitation/audition only.

jazz dancers in exciting group pose

Performance Team
Ages 14+
Level 3/4+

The Performance Team is composed of two parts, The Apprentices (Level 1), and The Core (Level 2). These groups serve the church and wider community with an eclectic blend of performance pieces for a variety of venues including worship services, special events, schools, competitions and festivals. Our Core dancers will work on pieces that will be placed in competitions and professional events. The Apprentice dancers will understudy the Core members. A high level of maturity, respect, and commitment is required of the students.

Students must be enrolled in Level 3/4 or higher in our ages 13+ classes, and must be taking two classes each of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern. Registration by audition only.

cool hip hop dancers in denim group pose

Hip Hop Crew
Ages 11+

This team works hard on learning choreography that they perform at different venues such as competitions, Hip Hop battles, the Winnipeg Fringe, and community events. 

Students must be enrolled in, at minimum, one Masterworks Hip Hop class. Registration by invitation/audition only.

musical theatre students in beauty and the beast costumes

musical theatre SCENE STUDIES 2019-2020
James and the Giant Peach TYA

For the student who wants to take their musical theatre training to a higher level. Students in Scene Study A will be assigned speaking roles, and students in Scene Study B will be assigned a small feature in the yearly musical. In years where no musical is being performed, students may have the opportunity to perform in a festival environment.

Students must audition if they wish to be a part of Scene Study A or B. Students are highly encouraged to take additional dance electives (especially Jazz, Tap, and Ballet), and voice lessons.